postheadericon Choosing a Going Away Dress for your Honeymoon

After you’ve chosen the little details of your honeymoon – your destination, your resort, your activities, whether or not you want a honeymoon gift list – have you ever thought about choosing a going away dress just for that purpose?  I think many of us want to look our best even after the wedding is over, and what better way than to choose a dress specifically for your honeymoon?  It brings to mind the days when travel was a luxury, when people dressed up to go on airplanes or cruises, which sadly no longer happens very often.

For my US readers, David’s Bridal has introduced new categories of special occasions dresses in addition to the bridesmaids, prom, and wedding dresses they’re already known for.  Though many of the designated honeymoon dresses are actually designed as fun bridesmaid dresses, they can easily do both jobs for you, as they’re surprisingly sexy and perfect for those nights out you’re planning for your honeymoon.

When you’re choosing a special dress to wear on your honeymoon, you have a couple of options available to you.  You can either choose a dress to wear on your way, which means you’ll want something casual and comfortable for a flight or lengthy overland journey, or you may want a special dress to wear on a night out, perhaps at an exclusive expensive restaurant that you’ve booked especially for your honeymoon.

A dress specifically for your trip needs to be beautiful yet comfy.  It’s a tough choice, but a simple yet sexy cotton dress can easily do the job.  Flights are often cramped and uncomfortable; don’t forget that you have to go through security before you even board.  Having something that’s light and soft can help with the discomfort you are likely to experience while travelling, and you’ll be looking your best as well.  What better way to make your new husband salivate while waiting to get to your destination?  Here’s a perfect choice off the David’s Bridal site, a flirty pink cotton dress that can easily be dressed up or down:

pink flirty dress

In terms of a fabulous night out, you’ll want to look your best but choose something that is sexy but not too much of a hassle.  Your honeymoon is probably all about relaxing and your clothing choices should reflect that, even when you’re going for a fancy night out.  In fact, I think the staple of every woman’s wardrobe is the perfect honeymoon accompaniment: the little black dress.  A cute black dress is almost always appropriate and is the perfect standby for when you’re going out and aren’t quite sure what level of formality is appropriate.  If you don’t have one already, David’s Bridal have a beautiful choice for just this occasion:

I must admit that I personally had never considered the purchase of a designated dress for my honeymoon, but I love the idea.  They’re not particularly expensive and they can give you something sexy and special to wear – a sign to everyone that this trip is meant to be a romantic adventure.  I may choose a going away dress for my next holiday, even if my honeymoon was a year ago!  What do you think of the idea?

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