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Just as 9-9-9 (September 9, 2009) was the most popular wedding date in the year 2009, 10-10-10 is proving to be the hottest date for a wedding this year.

According to Brides magazine, 31,050 couples will get married on 10-10-10. That is almost twice the number of weddings on any other day during the month, and 10 times as many on any Sunday.

Set to benefit from this phenomenon that occurs only 12 times every 1,000 years, are hotels, whose ballroom schedules and honeymoon suite reservations should be hopping, as well as for airlines, whose passenger seats will be full of newly-married couples heading off to their honeymoon destinations. Even the chapels in Las Vegas are likely to be in high demand.

Around the globe, couples want to tie the wedding knot on this “magical” date this year, if only for the practical reason that it would be really difficult to forget your future anniversaries.

Last year, 9-9-9 was particularly desirable, especially with the Chinese, as in their culture, every single-digit number has a meaning, and for them, 9 stands for longevity. Also, three-digit numbers are preferred over two or four digits, because 3 is a yang number and it stands for liveliness in Cantonese.

So, for all you soon-to-be-married people, you had better get your venues and details in order right away for the next most favored wedding dates of 11-11-11 and 12-12-12, because after those dates, these triple-digit dates will not happen again until the year 3001.

Article by By Linda Hohnholz, eTN. Reposted from eturbonews.com.

Source: sdweddingstaff

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